Advanced Benefit Programs

The Conley Financial Group leverages advanced technology Solutions that help streamline administration and keep you aware of compliance and legislative requirements and increasing employees' awareness and appreciation of their benefits.

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Employee Benefit Solutions

The Conley Financial Group recognizes that there are many essential elements of human resources management that need ongoing, proactive attention. We pride ourselves on the delivery of efficiencies that save money and make your job easier.

The Conley Financial Group is more than just a benefits broker.  We are positioned as your number one choice for integrated HR solutions. The Conley Finanical Group offers unique HR programs for both public and private sector entities. The following is a partial list of our employee benefits solutions:

  • Links to workers’ compensation state statute overviews and related state resources for quick reference.

  • A library of downloadable materials covering a variety of insurance-related topics including loss control, workers’ compensation and employee safety communications.

  • Access to the site’s interactive Community, which provides you online access to a vast and knowledgeable network of industry peers.

  • 24/7 online service request submissions from the site to our customer service team, such as motor vehicle records or driver and vehicle changes.

  • Participation in P&C program surveys, which allow you to make comparisons to other employers across the country



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